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Pre-terminated Cable

The UTTB is intended to terminate telephone distribution cable and be the connection to multiple dropwires. Dropwires radiate from the UTTB to subscriber’s premises. 10 or 20 pair termination per mount is available.

Factory pre-terminated cable are available in various lengths as required.

  • Pre-terminated tail cable are directly jointed to distribution cable
  • Tail cable is measured from the point of entry to the terminal block with standard length of 2.5 meter, 3.5 meter or 10 meter. Cable length can be catered for various customer’s requirements.
  • Suitable for mounting on poles (steel, wooden), steel boxes, inside pillar by selected mounting fixtures and accessories
  • Capacity for 10 pairs and 20 pairs
  • Connection and disconnection of dropwires by using IDC termination method
  • Available with protected and unprotected type

Cable specification options:

  • 5mm PEUT, non-filled, 10 pair / 20 pair, twin bunched construction
  • 5mm Jelly-filled cable, 10 pair / 20 pair, twin bunched construction
  • Manufactured from high quality thermoplastic material, resistant to harsh tropical weather, corrosion, splash proof and effects of UV rays
  • Dropwire connections are encapsulated in high quality grease
  • Exchange side connections are resin encapsulated for complete environmental protection
  • Grommets fitted to dropwire entries to retain grease and prevent ingress of contaminants
  • For protected version, each leg of the pair are fitted with gas filled ceramic type arrestors to protect the lines against surge voltages
  • Suitable for wide range of dropwires with copper or steel conductors with PE, PVC or rubber insulation.
    • Conductor Diameter: 0.5mm – 1.12mm (24 AWG – 18.5 AWG)
    • Insulator Diameter: 1.0mm – 5.0mm
  • Type approved and technically compliant to the specifications by Telekom Malaysia (TM), Sri Lanka Telecom, and Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)