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Uni-Telco Steel Box

Uni-Telco Steel Box can be mounted on wall or pole. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

  • 10 pair termination per mount
  • Made of durable, high grade galvanised mild steel, with IP protection
  • The box have natural cooling mechanism to exhaust inside heat
  • The box is designed that in close position, it will protect the terminal block against ingress of wind driven rain, moisture, snow, dust, and insects
  • The cover is fixed by hinges at the top of box with a latch device to hold the cover in open position during work operations. The cover closes in three steps from top to down closing.
  • Various secure locking options are available
  • Adequate spacing to accommodate drop wires and space for manoeuvrability of lineman
  • Design protection from front and rear side from external environmental exposure
  • Customer’s logo can be customised to be externally embossed / inscribed on the front of cover
  • Embedded with hinge and anchors to allow the use of stainless steel cable tie / strip or screws to mount UTTB firmly on pole or wall

Mechanical Specification:

  • High grade galvanised mild steel
  • Rubber grommets for drop wires and cable entries
  • Color: Beige

External Dimension (box):

  • 230mm (L) x 200mm (W) x 75mm (H)